Moody's RE-IGNITE: Career Break Re-Entry Opportunity

Return to work with Moody’s

Moody’s RE-IGNITE is a 16 week paid full-time opportunity designed for individuals wishing to re-enter the workforce after a minimum two year hiatus. Through this initiative, we hope to find passionate and dedicated professionals who want to resume their career, hone their individual skills and flourish in their professional journey.  We are pleased to announce that RE-IGNITE includes opportunities in both the US and the UK!

As part of RE-IGNITE, you will join one our dynamic teams where you’ll benefit from a number of hands on projects, coaching & mentoring, leadership development and networking opportunities, which could lead to a full-time role with Moody’s. So if you want to restart your career and make an impact, apply to a RE-IGNITE opportunity today.

“RE-IGNITE was a terrific way to not only return to the workforce, but also to learn about Moody’s as a company, its culture and especially its strong focus on diversity and inclusion.”

Joanna, Moody’s Investors Service, Corporate Finance Group

“RE-IGNITE was a great experience. Not only was it a well-managed and supportive transition back to the workforce, it was also a great way to learn about the Moody’s culture and ensure a good fit. The broad exposure to diverse people and senior management enhanced our knowledge of all of Moody’s line of business.”

Melba, Moody’s Analytics, Data Solutions

“RE-IGNITE not only helps professionals return to work after taking a break from their respective industries but also provides a forum to redevelop confidence in one’s abilities. During my time in RE-IGNITE I have been fortunate to have had unofficial mentors, a supportive manager and mentorship moments with people from the leadership team who have all contributed to my professional development.”

Shameka, Moody’s Analytics, Banking

“RE-IGNITE at Moody’s was a wonderful experience. It provided a good overview of the company, insight to its corporate culture, and a mentoring system that facilitated a successful transition back into the workforce. It became apparent that in the core of Moody’s culture is an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.”

Mario, Moody’s Investors Service, Structured Finance Group

“Moody’s RE-IGNITE was the kind of return-to-work opportunity I was looking for when I felt ready to re-enter the workforce in a full-time capacity. During RE-IGNITE I had the opportunity to work on live projects, strengthen and expand my skill set, learn about different aspects of the business, interact with Moody’s senior management and learn from their experience. RE-IGNITE helped me immensely in easing back into the workforce.”

Veena, Moody’s Analytics, Structured Finance

Why work at Moody's

Founded in

40+ countries

11,000+ employees

Who we’re looking for

To be considered, you’ll need to have had a two-year minimum career hiatus. What we look for is that you have excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, with the ability to work well both in a team and independently. Positions will be offered in a number of teams, so we will be looking for candidates across a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

What we offer

As a RE-IGNITER, you may initially join Moody’s for a 16-week duration, with the goal that you will become a permanent employee after successfully completing your temporary assignment, or you may be hired as a permanent employee from day one under our supported hiring model. In either approach, during the initial 16 weeks, in addition to the impactful work associated with your role, you will receive coaching & mentoring, leadership development, networking opportunities, and guidance on trainings that could support you in your re-entry.  We aim to sharpen your skills – helping you to develop both professionally and personally. What’s more, with a 75% conversion rate from returner to full-time employee, this is an amazing chance to join Moody’s – making an impact on our organization and your life.

“Returning back to the workforce after a career hiatus was always going to be daunting. However, Moody’s RE-IGNITE provided structure and a supportive environment which allowed me to transition back successfully.” – Moody’s 2017 Cohort

The details

Application Deadline

Specific to each role

Duration of Program

16 weeks on a rolling basis


New York and London

Current Opportunities