How do I submit my resume?

Select the “Search jobs” link and enter your search criteria. Once you’ve located a role you are interested in applying for, select ‘Apply for Job’, attach your resume and complete the online application.

How often is the Moody’s career site updated?

The Moody’s career site is updated as soon as new positions become available.

Do I have to submit my resume for a specific position or can I be considered for any available positions?

You must submit your resume for a specific position. If you do not find a position that you are interested in, you can create a search agent which will notify you when suitable positions become available.

How can I tell which positions I qualify for?

To see if your skills match our open positions, search for a specific opening and refer to the qualifications and responsibilities section to help determine if it’s a match.

How long do job positions typically remain on the site?

Positions remain on the site as long as they are available.

If I submit a resume when can I expect to hear from a recruiter?

Our resume tracking system is an essential tool that provides our recruiters with a centralized, searchable pool of applicants. If the recruiter finds that the skills and experience on your resume match the job opening(s) you’ve applied to they will contact you promptly. That’s why it’s important for you to keep your contact information up to date.

I’m experiencing problems applying for a job online. Who can I reach out to for assistance?

If you are experiencing an issue with completing your online application we recommend selecting the Help link, located in the upper right part of the screen, to assist with walking you through the process. If you are still experiencing problems, please send your system related question(s) to This mailbox will not accept resumes or respond to application status requests. For up-to-date application status, please log in to your profile and go to Candidate Zone> Dashboard> Applications> Submitted Applications.