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Moody’s Analytics offers award-winning solutions and best practices for measuring and managing risk. As an essential provider of data, financial modeling, analytical software, and specialized expertise, we deliver comprehensive credit risk capabilities to the financial community worldwide. Our deep experience in credit risk management and banking, combined with innovative and cutting-edge technology, allows us to assist customers in unique and insightful ways.

Roles at Moody’s Analytics

Quantitative Research

Moody’s is recognized as a leader in financial risk analytics. Working in Quantitative Research, you will apply your quantitative skills to help financial institutions around the world measure and monitor the risk of their credit portfolios.

Software Engineering

You’ll be part of a team of engineers, architects and UX professionals that build and support leading credit risk management software and tools used by financial institutions, governments and corporations around the world. You can expect to work closely with our Product, Sales and Quantitative Research teams. You’ll join a team that is constantly challenged to build, before our competitors, the best solutions that meet our customers’ rapidly evolving needs.


As part of Moody’s Sales team, you will take the lead in establishing and growing our commercial relationships with customers. With knowledge of our product offerings as well as the industries we serve, you will advise customers on solutions that best address their needs.

Product Management

As a Product Manager, you will collaborate with our Research and Engineering teams to design and develop products that address our customers’ changing needs. You will also coordinate with our Sales and Marketing teams to ensure the most effective positioning, and promotion of our products.

Where We Are

When you join Moody’s Analytics, you will work with a global team of talented and diverse professionals. You will join an organization that combines deep experience in credit risk management and banking, with innovative and cutting-edge technology, to deliver best in class products and solutions to our clients.

Dubai UAE 1 Job
Sydney Australia 1 Job
Sao Paulo Brazil
Toronto ON, Canada 19 Jobs
Montreal QC, Canada 2 Jobs
Shenzhen China 12 Jobs
Beijing China 4 Jobs
Shanghai China 3 Jobs
Prague Czech Republic 3 Jobs
Frankfurt Germany
Montbonnot Saint Martin France 9 Jobs
London UK 35 Jobs
Edinburgh UK 5 Jobs
Hong Kong Hong Kong 6 Jobs
Gurgaon India
Bangalore India
Mumbai India
Tokyo Japan 3 Jobs
Singapore Singapore 4 Jobs
New York NY, USA 48 Jobs
San Francisco CA, USA 17 Jobs
West Chester PA, USA 9 Jobs
Omaha NE, USA 11 Jobs
Waltham MA, USA 1 Job
San Jose Costa Rica
Colombo Sri Lanka

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“Teamwork is strongly encouraged. We work together to meet customers’ needs in the best way possible.”

Andisheh - Sales

“It is a really good place to work. Everyone is really friendly. People really live the open-door policy.”

Nadja - Advisory Services

“My journey here has been very fulfilling. I’ve accomplished a lot and I also feel I’m giving something back.”

Kenneth - Financial Engineering

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